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Our mission here at is to offer millions of people the best credit reporting solution available within the United Kingdom. At we have teamed up with Credit Rating Monitor to offer more than just credit reporting. We offer all our customers with their Credit Score, a full Credit Report, with Credit Monitoring, and finally Identity Theft protection.

YOUR SCORE MATTERS. Checking your credit report will NOT hurt your credit.
Sample Credit Score: What does it look like?
This is your credit report and this information is used as part of the overall application process lenders use to assess whether to give you credit, alongside the information you provide on your application form, as well as your existing relationship with them. Your report is built from both public information and financial account payments.
  • Credit Score Rating (0-999)
  • Account payment history
  • Negative Items, CCJs, Bankruptcy's etc.

My Free* 10-day Free Trial: What do I get?
The real answer to this is peace of mind. However in all reality the value that you will find within our proven tools will not only give you peace of mind, but a significant impact on the way that you'll use credit from now on. With just this 10-day Free* trial to Credit Rating Monitor you will be able to gain more knowledge about your current financial situation than ever before. This will also shape the way you use your credit to purchase a car, home, or other purchases used with credit. Never go another day without knowing, because not knowing can cost you!
  • UNLIMITED Access to your Free* Credit Report
  • Identity Recovery Assistance
  • 24/7 Identity Alerts
  • Extensive Online Resource Centre

*Offer Details: The Fine Print

Simply click "Get My Report" on the last page to activate your Credit Report Access 10-day trial membership to Credit Rating Monitor, claim your FREE Credit Report. After your 10-day FREE trial period your membership to Credit Rating Monitor is just £19.95 per month. Remember, you can call Credit Rating Monitor for the price of a local call on 0845 026 1118 within the first 10 days to cancel, and you will not be charged the £19.95. To ensure continuous service, at the end of your trial period your membership fee will be automatically charged to the credit/debt card you provide today. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, call our local rate number to cancel and you'll no longer be charged. We will of course notify you in advance of any changes to the membership fee. You may also receive emails confirming the receipt of your application and membership status from a Credit Report Access affiliated programme.